Matthew Anderson, Chairman

Matt has more than 25 years’ experience in promoting education training and qualifications in the UK and internationally – and has generated substantial commercial income for the sector.

In August 2007, he joined TVET UK , a newly formed organisation dedicated to promoting British vocational education expertise and experience internationally. In 2015, he led a management buyout of TVET UK so that the company could develop new products and services to better serve developing markets. He refocused TVET UK on developing and frontier markets, adding a project finance offer to support governments working to overhaul education systems in order to combat unemployment, create prosperity and achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2015, Matt oversaw the first Anglo-Mauritanian education collaboration, the Higher Institute of English in Nouakchott, a turnkey project which has proved to be a great success for the country. This inspired Matt to set up MBBC in 2016.

Matt’s interest in Africa goes beyond Mauritania. In 2021, Matt and his partners founded the Francophone British Business Council (FBBC) to help British business to access markets in the Sahel and sub Saharan Africa.

Roger Nunn, Director General

Roger Nunn pursued a varied career with BP After serving as Chief Geologist in Colombia, and Exploration Manager in Yemen, he moved from exploration into general management, serving firstly as President of BP Mexico, then later as Vice-President Reputation of BP Azerbaijan. His final company assignment was President and General Manager of BP
Exploration Libya Ltd until retirement in 2015. He then formed his own company, Nunn Associates Ltd, advising oil and gas companies looking to enter new countries.

Pieter Tesch, Director

Pieter has worked as a print and broadcast journalist in Ireland, the UK, Indonesia and, especially, Saharan and Sahelian Africa. He has been managing media and PR for the Mauritanian Embassy in London since it opened in 2013, having worked for the London embassies of Sudan and Indonesia in a similar role. He is also a business development manager for ACT shipping. He is also a historian, specialising in the Sahel region.