Building relationships:

In Mauritania –  

  • GovernmentMBBC is dedicated to promoting bilateral trade and investment, and we work to build strong relationships with those with similar objectives and significant influence in both countries.  Since our launch in 2017, we have fostered excellent relationships with the three British Ambassadors to Mauritania (Sam Thomas, Simon Boyden and Colin Wells) and the Mauritanian Ambassadors to Britain (Isselkou Ahmed Izid Bih Neye and Sidya Ould Elhadj).
  • Commerce  – The current absence of a DIT presence at the embassy in Nouakchott has placed greater emphasis on our work in country with local bodies to mutual benefit. We work closely with the key Mauritanian bodies focused on trade promotion, primarily  the Mauritanian Chamber of Commerce of Industry and Agriculture (CCIAM), which exists to support the development of the country and the public/private interface, and give new impetus to the private sector. The CCIAM has signed more than 72 memoranda of cooperation agreements with external partners, and has has been instrumental  to the success of MBBC’s trade missions and Director visits to Nouakchott. The National Union of Mauritanian Employers (UNPM) has also provided invaluable assistance and access.

In the UK – our solid relationships with the Invest in Africa, the Energy Industry Council, and the Africa Information Exchange have enabled us to provide members with a greater understanding of Mauritania and the real opportunities for bilateral trade and investment.


Because we have built strong relationships with key organisations in the UK and in Mauritania, we are able to offer our members direct access to key stakeholders and decisionmakers with a wealth of knowledge and experience of Mauritania and its opportunities. Highlights include:

  • a briefing from BP,  the largest British investor in Mauritania, on their Greater Tortue-Ahmeyim project,  Africa’s deepest offshore LNG project
  • an MBBC/Invest in Africa webinar where Minister of Energy, Petroleum and Mines, Abdelsalem Ould Mohamed Saleh, updated delegates on Mauritania’s extractives
  • Dr Sidi Ould Salem, Mauritania’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, on opportunities for international providers to help the government to deliver their ambitious plans for the country’s education system.


Our networking events provide a forum for business leaders to connect with potential partners for informed debate and discussion in small groups, facilitated by a highly-insightful speaker.

Through networking, MBBC members, TVET UK  and Maurinvest, have formed EdUKate. Registered in Mauritania, EdUKate provides Mauritanian students and employees with internationally certified training in English and key professional skills, such as health and safety and hospitality in country, as well as finding suitable courses and institutions for Mauritanians looking to study in the UK.

Trade missions:

MBBC trade missions offer an assisted introduction for those new to Mauritania, or an opportunity for those with some experience in the country to renew contacts and connections, or extend their networks. 

The missions are led by the MBBC Directors, who have first-hand experience and connections in-country, and supported by MBBC’s partner organisations – the Mauritanian Chamber of Commerce of Industry and Agriculture (CCIAM) and the National Union of Mauritanian Employers (UNPM). Our Mauritania-based members will make introductions and provide advice.